About Sona

Sona is one name in nutrition you can look to with confidence. Sona is GMP licensed by the HPRA (Health Products Regulatory Authority - ex Irish Medicines Board) and is the oldest established producer of nutritional supplements and herbal remedies in Ireland.

Sona has over 35 years experience in formulating quality vitamins, nutritional supplements and other health aids. All Sona products are produced in a state-of-the-art facility in Dublin using the highest quality, natural ingredients, with an unyielding commitment to quality.

We work very hard to ensure potency and freshness with our policy of controlled packaging and direct shipment. From raw materials to finished goods, our products undergo a broad spectrum of checks for purity and conformity. In Ireland we undertake research leading to prudent product innovation. All of that hard work has brought Sona a reputation for reliability and leadership.


We have unique nutritional needs because of the changes that our bodies experience throughout the course of life. Good nutrition is the foundation of good health now and in the future.

We believe companies that make nutritional products should provide their customers with accurate and credible information about those products and their benefits. All of our products are scientifically-based and tested and are reviewed by experts in the field of Nutrition and Pharmacy.

Highest Standards of Quality

We take pride in the over 150 fine products we produce. Our products are produced to the highest possible quality standards. They are manufactured to and surpass current pharmaceutical standards. All products are assayed and strictly tested (inclduing by outside independent labs) for conformity with our stringent controls and so certified.

Nutritionists on Tap:

In addition to providing the highest quality products, providing excellent customer service is one of our main aims. Whenever possible, we will answer all of your queries on the phone. We will also answer any written requests for information in complete confidence.

Environmentally Friendly

We are very conscious of environmental concerns. At Sona we have always insisted on using glass bottles made with recycled glass. You can be assured that our products come in special "environmentally friendly" recyclable glass. We also insist on using wholly or partially recycled paper and packaging materials.

Where to find us?

Sona believes there are two other names in nutrition to look to with confidence.... Your local pharmacy and health food store and that is why our products are available solely in these two types of retailers. Only at a pharmacy or a health store will you find helpful people with the knowledge and information necessary to help you effectively weigh all the crucial and often confusing considerations involved in choosing the specific vitamins and nutritional supplements you truly need. And you will be making your choices from among a comprehensive selection of reliable products for your highly particular personal needs.